CUBA 50 - celebrating cuban culture

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Cuba50 Festival of Cuban Culture brochure
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Cuba 50 is supported by the
Cuban Ministry of Culture, Cuban Embassy, ComoNo, Music Fund for Cuba, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Unison, Unite, Thompsons Solicitors, Cuban Tourist Board and business, community and cultural organisations based in the UK and Cuba.

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CUBA 50 - celebrating cuban culture

Cuba50 - Celebrating Cuban Culture in 2016

Be inspired and celebrate the diversity and inventiveness of Cuban culture at events around the UK. There is something for everyone - from music to visual arts, dance, poetry, discussion, sports, film and performance. Report on Cuba50 festival in 2009 more >>

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FREE CULTURE! Review Of Michael Barr's Work Inspired By Book On Cuban Culture Policy
The Scottish Saltire and Union Jack flags flutter in the breeze. They fly directly above a line of contemporary banners fixed between the columns of ... full article >>>

The Cultural Policy Of The Cuban Revolution
Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt examines how, from the early days of the Revolution, culture and participation in the arts was prioritised for all
Readers of this ... full article >>>

'The Companion': Less Style, More Freedom - Interview With The Director Pavel Giroud
For Pavel Giroud, boredom doesn't work. Nor does he like radicalism. For that reason he doesn't understand the fact that certain film directors, with the ... full article >>>

U.S. Government Cultural Mission To Cuba Announced
Trip Builds on President Obama's Recent Visit - "Todos Somos Americanos" Less than a month after the historic visit by President Barack Obama, a U.S. government ... full article >>>

US Delegation On Culture To Visit Cuba
Announced yesterday by both Cuban and US governments that on 18 April a delegation from the United States President's Committee on the Arts and the ... full article >>>

Julio Garcia Espinosa Cuban Filmmaker Dies
"Stop eating sh*t and go and make films about Batista!" Cuban filmmaker Espinosa was told in 1956 before the revolution in response to his neo-realist ... full article >>>

Acosta Danza To Make Debut At Havana's Grand Theatre
Renowned Cuban dancer, Carlos Acosta, is presenting his newly set up company Acosta Danza at Havana's Grand Theater from May 8 through 13 with a ... full article >>>

Young, Restless And Nonconformist - Young Cuban Filmmakers Showcase Reveals New Perspectives
New talents, new perspectives... Since its first edition, the ICAIC Young Filmmakers Showcase has been controversial. It arose within the so-called audiovisual age, yet tends to ... full article >>>

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